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Air Miles

Collect Miles on every purchase!

Collect Miles on almost every purchase and exchange them against rewards.

Create or complete your profile in a matter of minutes!

How does it work?



1 mile

How can you collect more Miles?

Collecting more Miles is easy. Follow these steps:

First online order

10X more Miles

Collect 10X more Miles upon your first online purchase.


*Limit of 1 per member.

Purchase of $750 or more online

5X more Miles

Collect 5X more Miles when you make a purchase of $750 or more.


Create an account

+ 25 Miles

Create an account to collect 25 Miles.

Create an account

*Limit of 1 per member.

Subscribe to our newsletter

+ 25 Miles

Subscribe to our newsletter to collect 25 Miles.


*Limit of 1 per member.

Refer a friend

+ 100 Miles

Refer a friend (purchase necessary) to collect 100 Miles.

Refer a friend

*Limit of 100 Miles per day.

Facebook review

+ 20 Miles

Like our page and give us a review to collect 20 Miles.

Give Facebook review

Google review

+ 20 Miles

Give us a Google review to collect 20 Miles.

Give Google review

Product evaluation

+ 20 Miles

Give a product review on a purchased item to collect 20 Miles.

Review a product

*Limit of 100 Miles per day.
*Minimum 100 words.

AIR MILESmd Reward Program terms of use


  1. Collect 1 Mile for every 30$ in purchases.
  2. Collected Miles are calculated on the total amount before taxes.
  3. Collect 25 Miles by subscribing to Atelier du Chef’s newsletter.
  4. Collect 20 Miles by reviewing a purchased product (100 words minimum, limit of 200 Miles/day).
  5. Collect 100 Miles if you refer a new client via the link in the client section (new client must create an account and make a purchase, limit of 500 Mile/day).
  6. Offers can not be combined. Multipliers may not be paired. Most favorable offer will be applied.

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