Realisation Atelier du chef: Moqueur, Montreal

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Atelier du chef Restaurant equipment clearance

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Needs Assessment

Asking the right questions ... Identify type of cuisine prepared ... Consider the space available and the budget ... The attention to detail surrounding our initial approach guarantees your success.

Plan and Design

Before convert, we must first and foremost think! Our development plans consider not only standards and ergonomic needs, but also your future plans.


To minimize the risk of errors, the general contractor receives our detailed construction plans: location of the divisions, wall reinforcements, mechanical needs, everything is detailed... and accurate!

Construction site supervision

From the project start-up to the rigorous inspection after construction through the coordination of construction, our systematic monitoring ensures the smooth running of all jobs.

Turnkey Installation

From beginning to end, you get a full accompaniment. Once the equipment and the furniture are in place, we train the staff who will use and maintain your new installations. Startup without hassle guaranteed!

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