Turnkey services

For your enterprise

Let the experts at Atelier du Chef guide you in creating your next work environment.

 We’ll accompany you from start to finish for an end result that leaves you satisfied.

Needs assessment

You’re about to design or renovate your restaurant kitchen. You want to get it right. Make the right choices. Create a lasting and functional kitchen. Get cooking by having our CFSP*-accredited consultants ask you the right questions and listen carefully.

Each commercial kitchen is unique and meets different needs, but all require a layout that ensures the best possible

communication between employees; creates safe flow; and allows you to store dry foods and perishables in optimum conditions, process and cook foods adequately, clean dishes and process deliveries efficiently.  With more than 15 years of experience and several hundred successful jobs under its belt, Atelier du Chef’s multidisciplinary team knows commercial kitchens inside out!

*Certified Foodservice Professional

Planning and design

Successful commercial kitchen design takes into account a myriad of small details. Whether its cold rooms, ventilation canopies, stainless steel furniture design or kitchen equipment selection, you need to think about not only your ergonomic needs and the type of material to use, but also existing regulations (CSST, MAPAQ, National Building Code, etc.) and business development.

Let our team of seasoned consultants guide you through this process. It can even come and see you on site to get a good understanding of your situation. Once your project is underway, you can be confidant that each aspect of the

work has been meticulously planned and that the most cost-effective materials have been selected.

Better yet, stop by either of our showrooms to see first hand what we can do for you. We have a wide selection of kitchen equipment in stock for you to examine up close, touch and even try out! If you’re interested in a piece of equipment and like it after you’ve tried it out, you’ll be glad to know it’s available for purchase!

Our goal: deliver a solution that gives you full satisfaction and maximizes your return on investment.


A major project like building or redesigning a professional kitchen is demanding.

Although you and your contractor are determined to get everything just right, you’ll still need proven expertise and concrete tools. That’s why we will give you complete and highly accurate build plans that leave no room for interpretation or error.

Our build plans detail:
  • Layout
  • Wall dimensions
  • Location of wall reinforcements
  • Connections: Electrical, Plumbing and Networking
  • Location of drain pipe connections
  • Specifications tables
  • Cold and freezer rooms
  • Ventilation canopies and make-up air system

Build plans are invaluable tools: when you know exactly where you’re going, you’re more likely to arrive on time!

Site Follow-up

It’s true! You can build, renovate or upgrade a kitchen with complete peace of mind. The secret? Relying on an Atelier du Chef specialist.

One of our specialists will look out for your best interests, follow up all work and attend job meetings. They’ll be on site when material and kitchen equipment are delivered. They’ll answer questions asked by architects, designers,

engineers and other trade representatives (electricians, plumbers, refrigeration specialists, sheet metal workers, etc.) assigned to the site and by the foreman.

Our sharp-eyed specialist will spot shortcomings during the post-job inspection and make a list of corrective actions, if necessary. By having one of our experts monitor your job, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Construction site supervision

Our team has thought of everything to facilitate the turnkey installation of your commercial kitchen.

It will be on site when material and equipment are delivered. It will supervise placement, installation and levelling.

It’ll ensure you have access to all equipment operating manuals and warranties, and to manufacturer-certified service companies that you might find useful. Atelier du Chef will also look after training everyone who will be using or servicing your equipment.

Need to take or give refresher training? Book a fully functional kitchen at one of our showrooms any time.

Whether you’re a restaurateur; hotel operator; bar, cafeteria, day care centre, childcare centre or seniors residence manager; or own a bakery, pastry shop, butcher shop, fish monger’s shop or convenience store, if you need to install or renovate a commercial kitchen, our team of key partners will complete your project, demonstrating from start to finish that they master and love what they do... just like you!