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3 Steps for a Perfect Commercial Kitchen

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3 Steps for a Perfect Commercial Kitchen

Opening a new restaurant? Do you want to improve your current commercial kitchen? Regardless of your situation, follow these 3 steps to follow to accomplish your dream commercial kitchen.

1. Evaluating Your Needs

Developing or renovating a commercial kitchen is a major investment. As a business owner, you want to make the right choices. Properly evaluating your needs is crucial for a sustainable and functional outcome. Each kitchen is unique and should answer your specific needs (menu, cooking techniques, restaurant size, etc.).

Points to consider :

  • Architecture (available space)
  • Budget
  • Target customers
  • Employee communication
  • Deadlines
  • Work areas (cooking, refrigeration, preparation, cleaning)
  • Equipment
  • Ergonomics and efficiency
  • Equipment and work area maintenance
  • Cooking line
  • Materials (flooring, walls, work surfaces)
  • Menu (type of food)
  • Number of employees at different stations
  • Reception and storage of dry and perishable goods
  • Standards and regulations (health, hygiene, ventilation , security)
  • Energy sources (propane, electricity, etc.)

Pro tips!

From refrigeration, cooking appliances, dishwashers, furniture, dishes, to cutlery, a commercial kitchen specialist can help you choose the right equipment.

2. Planning Every Detail

Making detailed plans is an important step to ensure your commercial kitchen will be adapted to your needs. A team of experts can help you complete your project successfully. Plans developed by specialists are precise and thorough, leaving little to no room for errors.

What to include in your plans:

  • Layout
  • Wall dimensions
  • Location of wall reinforcements
  • Connection points
  • Electricity
  • Plumbing
  • Networks
  • Drain connection points
  • Technical data tables
  • Cold storage
  • Ventilation and air compensation systems

Pro tips!

By helping you plan every detail, a commercial kitchen specialist will save you time, energy and money.

3. Let Professionals Manage Your Project

A stress-free building, renovating, or updating your commercial kitchen is possible. How? Let a specialist manage your project! Specialists will deal with architects, designers, and engineers so you will never be caught off guard.

Our team offers turnkey solutions and will complete your project without a hitch, every step of the way. Once your project is completed, you will receive all technical manuals and warranties, and a list of manufacturer-approved maintenance companies. We can even provide training sessions for your new appliances!

Pro tips!

Make sure your consultant is CFSP approved. CFSP’s purpose is to elevate industry standards in North-America.

For a professional kitchen that meets all your needs, contact our team today!

[1] Certified Foodservice Professional

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